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First Responder and Initial Treatment: Upon first arrival to you, our representative will:


  • Evaluate the loss area with moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to correctly identify the damage to walls, floors, ceilings and contents.
  • Determine the best course of action by assisting with filing an insurance claim with you, or providing you with your out of pocket costs for the needed work.
  • Move, lift and block or protect furniture from the damaged area(s).
  • Extract standing water from floors and carpet.
  • Detach and lift affected carpet to expose pad (except for glued down carpet)


  • Cut, bag and dispose of wet or damaged carpet pad.
  • Apply an EPA-registered anti-microbial solution to all affected carpet areas and sub-floor as needed to inhibit bacterial and mold growth and to control odors.
  • Remove baseboard or trim as needed, to aid in the drying of the inner wall cavity.
  • Install high performance equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process.

*Some of the above services may need to be done on the next day, due to some after hours situations.


Note: We will make every effort to be at your property within the scheduled time frame. However, we are an emergency response company, and there may be times when we must reschedule with you. We appreciate your patience and we will make every attempt to getting your house restored as quickly as possible.

Dry-Out Services Day One


After the initial visit and drying begins, please keep the following in mind:


ll equipment has been strategically placed for optimum drying; please allow it to run continuously all day and night. Our equipment is thermally protected and is designed to run for many days with out stopping. If there is a need to move or turn off the equipment we strongly encourage you to call us for assistance.


Dehumidifier drainage lines are routed and secured to an outlet point, they must remain in place or the discharge water will end up causing a problem. Dehumidifiers help increase the rate of drying by reducing the overall relative humidity. Be aware that the temperature in the work zone and other parts of the house will rise as the process continues; this is normal and is needed to aid in the drying.

Windows and doors should remain closed throughout the process, unless our technicians instruct otherwise. Most times outside conditions are not good for aiding in the drying process.

Dry-Out Services—Days 2 and 3



A representative from our company will visit your property daily and inspect all areas we are drying. This process is called monitoring and is a crucial step; this is when we make adjustments to our equipment as things begin to dry. We also make determinations about materials that are not releasing moisture as we continue to dry the structure. We may conclude that it is most cost effective to remove the wet materials versus continuing to dry them. We are also there for you and will answer any questions you may have. Typically an adjuster will have made contact with you as to a date to look at property or talk to you about damages. We would be happy to talk to them on your behalf while we are there.

Dry-Out Services—Concluding Days

A dry-out process typically takes three to five days; however, there may be situations that will require more time. Rest assured that our technicians will use moisture meters and monitoring equipment to examine all surfaces and ensure that the drying process is complete.

We are water damage professionals and we specialize in structural drying. Our primary goal is to preserve your property and protect your investment. After our dry-out services are complete we would be happy to assist you with the reconstruction, if needed. A representative from our company can arrange a time to meet with you and prepare an estimate.

Dry Fx will to do whatever it takes to help get your home or office back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us at (815) 277-5989 to learn more now–and be sure to ask about our Referral and deductible assistance program!

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