Indoor Humidity Control - How To Prevent Moisture

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Controlling Indoor Humidity

Step outside on a summer day, and it's easy to feel the effects of humidity -- sticky skin, a sweaty brow, air thick with moisture. But when it comes to humidity inside, those tell-tale signs are replaced by itching, sneezing and coughing, and they're not limited to the summer months. Humidity makes you sneeze, so the word humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. So, how is it that microscopic water molecules can make you itch, sneeze and cough? Those symptoms arise when people have allergic reactions to the organisms that thrive in humidity.

"Humidity promotes mold growth and dust mite population growth. Both are significant indoor allergens and can set off allergic sensitivity and can trigger rhinitis and asthma," said Dr. Michael Ruff, an allergist who works to raise awareness about asthma and allergies for the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. These are things that people can't see or feel, but they live on countertops, table surfaces, carpet, pillows, mattresses. it can cause permanent and expensive damage to walls, window frames, carpets, clothes and furniture. Mold grows on damp surfaces and depend on warm temperatures and high humidity to live and grow.

Controlling moisture in your home will reduce bacterial growth and limit mold colonization and the destruction it causes.

What you can do to control humidity:

  • Clean floors and carpet regularly
  • Dry surfaces after cleaning
  • Repair leaks in pipes, roofs, walls, windows, skylights, doors, foundation vents, water heater, faucets and drains under cupboards and laundry spigots, pipes to refrigerators
  • Vent clothes dryer to outside, not into attic
  • Store firewood outside
  • Leave wet shoes and boots outside, and dry your clothes outside, don't leave wet clothes or towels laying around
  • Run Bathroom and Kitchen Fans/Vent outside, not into attics or soffits
  • Keep Heating Vents Open
  • Use a Dehumidifier
  • Don't use kerosene heaters inside
  • Move furniture away from the walls
  • Open curtains during the day
  • Allow airflow in closets
  • Cover cooking pots
  • Close doors and open windows when cooking
  • Interior doors left opened
  • Aquariums covered
  • Limited houseplants
  • Pets and their food and water dishes are kept clean and dry

Dry Fx will come to your home, perform a visual inspection and take moisture readings to determine the amount of moisture in the home or office and develop an action plan to bring the moisture levels to an acceptable level.

Dry Fx will identify and help eliminate potential sources for water infiltration:

  • Concrete foundation has adequate exterior protection from water
  • Dry surfaces after cleaning
  • Drainage directs water away from the house
  • Rain Gutters are kept free of debris and are in good repair
  • Siding is sealed along the bottom edges
  • Water from sprinklers is not hitting the house
  • Exposed soil in the crawl is covered with a vapor barrier
  • No water pools around foundation of the house
  • Downspouts carry water away from house
  • Plants and shrubs are trimmed back to allow air flow
  • Exterior is properly maintained and kept free from mold

Use A Dehumidifier

Dry Fx offers dehumidifiers that:

  • Extract moisture from the air
  • Up to 50 Pints Per Day of Water Removal
  • Electronic Controls with Built-In Pump
  • Up to 750 Sq Ft Coverage
  • Temp and Humidity Gauge included for condition monitoring
  • Delivered

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