Indoor Humidity Control

Mother Nature's cruel practical joke on curly haired people everywhere.

Dry Fx is a full service water damage restoration company, offering professional indoor humidity control services to keep your home or office comfortable, safe, and healthy.

Step outside on a summer day, and it's easy to feel the effects of humidity -- sticky skin, a sweaty brow, air thick with moisture. But when it comes to indoor humidity control, those tell-tale signs are replaced by itching, sneezing and coughing, and they're not limited to the summer months.

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Indoor Humidity Control for Your Health

“Humidity promotes mold growth and dust mite population growth. Both are significant indoor allergens and can set off allergic sensitivity and can trigger rhinitis and asthma,” said Dr. Michael Ruff, an allergist for the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.

These are things that people can't see or feel, but they live on countertops, table surfaces, carpet, pillows, mattresses -- just about anywhere that people are. They depend on warm temperatures and high humidity to live and grow. If the presence of mold or dust mites sends you for a tissue or your doctor's office, then keeping the humidity inside your home at 50 percent or lower may provide some relief, said Ruff. Lower humidity will result in lower mold and dust mite growth.

The airborne water can be detrimental to your home, as well as your health. “High humidity in a home can cause rot. Condensation provides [bugs] with the water they need,” explained Jill Mayfield, Information Coordinator for Austin Energy Green Building Program.

Professional Indoor Humidity Control Services

Dry Fx will come to your home and take moisture readings to determine the amount of moisture in the air and what action needs to be taken to bring the moisture levels to an acceptable level. Once the levels have been determined, Dry Fx offers dehumidifier programs.

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