Healthy Home

If it's in your home, it's in your lungs.

Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of infections, lung cancer, and chronic lung diseases such as asthma. In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue. People who already have lung disease are at greater risk.

Common Air Pollutants

Biological Pollutants

Includes molds, bacteria, viruses, pollen, animal dander and particles from dust mites and cockroaches. These may cause infections, provoke allergic symptoms or trigger asthma attacks. These may be a major cause of days lost from work and school. Means of control include washing bedding to kill dust mites, keeping animals out of areas affected persons frequent, and practicing careful cleaning. It is also critical to control moisture that promotes mold growth.

Secondhand Tobacco Smoke

Secondhand Smoke is a major indoor air pollutant. It contains some 200 known poisons, such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, and at least 60 chemicals known to cause cancer. In U.S. nonsmokers, every year it causes an estimated 3,000 lung cancer deaths and up to 50,000 heart disease deaths. In children, especially infants, it is responsible for pneumonia, lower respiratory tract infections and ear infections. It causes asthma to develop, causes asthma attacks, and makes attacks worse. Source control is basic: No one should smoke around children.

Combustion Pollutants

Combustion Pollutants come from sources such as fuel burning stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, heaters, and water heaters, using gas, oil, coal, wood, or other fuel. The most dangerous are both colorless and odorless gases carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). CO interferes with the delivery of oxygen to the body. It can produce fatigue, headache, confusion, nausea, and dizziness. Very high levels can cause death. NO2 irritates the mucous membranes in the eye, nose and throat and can cause shortness of breath and promote infections.


Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas, can enter the home through cracks in the foundation floor and walls, drains, and other openings. Indoor radon exposure is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., responsible for at least 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year.


A non-flammable mineral that can produce microscopic fibers, that when inhaled into the lungs can cause asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue), lung cancer and another cancer called mesothelioma. Many asbestos products are found in the home, including roofing and flooring materials, and insulation for ceilings, walls, pipes and heating equipment.


A common chemical, found primarily in adhesive or bonding agents for many materials found in households and offices, including carpets, upholstery, particle board, and plywood paneling. The release of formaldehyde into the air may cause health problems, such as coughing; eye, nose, and throat irritation; skin rashes, headaches, and dizziness. The best control is to avoid using products that emit formaldehyde. Though not as effective, try to be sure that new potential sources are sufficiently aired out before bringing them indoors.

Hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals are emitted by household cleaning agents, personal care products, pesticides, paints, hobby products, and solvents. Such chemicals can cause dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, eye/skin/respiratory tract irritation, and cancer.

The air quality of our indoor environments affects our health and often contributes to structural degradation and building failures within our homes.

Dry Fx offers a Healthy Home treatment by tailoring a number of remediation and cleaning strategies to help remove pollutants and better your indoor air quality. The process disinfects and protects surfaces from a wide range of microorganisms, including mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.

Our Healthy Home Service incorporates a commercial-grade cleaning regimen with basics of indoor air quality, mold remediation techniques, Green Cleaning Standards, protocol from
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Guide v3, and the Illinois Green Cleaning Schools Act to provide a superior level of cleaning. Most occupants do not have access to the equipment necessary to deliver such cleaning.

Services include but are not limited to…

  • Thorough HEPA vacuuming of surfaces with a Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label-GOLD vacuum.
  • Commercial-grade air cleaning with HEPA-filtered air scrubbing devices (no ozone).
  • Micro-fiber dusting.
  • Dry steam disinfection of surface areas using EPA-registered Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS).
  • Electrostatic application of an EPA-registered disinfectant and bound antimicrobial to provide long-lasting microbial protection on interior surfaces. These steps are designed, in concert, to reduce or eradicate the presence of triggers that include dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold, airborne particulates, volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria and bed bugs.


Shockwave, is an EPA registered disinfectant. Shockwave is a quaternary ammonium chloride cleaner, disinfectant, mildewstat, fungicide and sanitizer designed for use on various surfaces subject to contamination. Shockwave will disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces, as well as porous and semi-porous surfaces. Shockwave is especially useful as an all-in-one product for treating wood structural members, carpets, and other surfaces as part of a complete mold remediation project.

Duraban is an EPA registered, amino-functional silane (Si-Qac), antimicrobial formulated to create an antimicrobial surface barrier that helps inhibit the growth of mold. Duraban does not leach or migrate from the surface to which it was applied, providing long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.

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