Flooded Basement in Naperville

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Flooded Basement in Naperville

For flooded basements due to rain, plumbing issues, or sewage back up Dry FX can help. When you have a flooded basement, the first thing to do is call Dry FX to help safely evaluate the damage, make sure there are no electrical dangers, and start removing the water.

Once the water is out, then the drying processes can begin. In Naperville, a flooded basement can be dried in as little as a few days once all the damaged or saturated materials have been removed.

If you have a flooded basement in Naperville or were recently flooded, call Dry FX 24/7 at 815.277.5989. Once the flooding and water is under control, Dry FX can also help with the reconstruction to return the basement back to full living condition.

Water Removal From A Flooded Basement

In a currently flooded basement, it’s best to avoid entering standing water unless absolutely necessary. Depending on the source of the water, you could be exposing yourself to dangerous bacteria and unknown hazards beneath the water. We especially recommend avoiding entering water if the water level was higher than a few inches due to electrical dangers. Have a professional make sure you can enter the flooded basement safely before starting to clean up or try to remove water.

Dry FX can provide commercial grade pumps to remove water from a flooded basement FAST! Once the standing water and puddles are cleaned up, you can start the dehumidifying process. Depending on the square footage of each room, that will determine how many dehumidifiers to use.

Get Help with A Flooded Basement in Naperville

For a currently flooded basement or recently flooded basement in Naperville, call Dry FX for water removal, dehumidifying, and reconstruction services today at 815.277.5989. You can also fill out our easy-to-use form along the right and someone will get back to you shortly.

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